Things on my list of stuff to do:

  1. Develop method to enable online purchase of items like Salsa
  2. Mobile verison of calendar
  3. Widgetize the theme
  4. Manage links with advanced widget
  5. Find Widget to manage sponsors by levels and years of sponsorship
  6. Custom bookmark icon

January 2008

  1. Develop a shift scheduler for volunteering for fundraising events
  2. Football pool squares

November 2007

  1. Fixed issues with sponsor logos being to big when using IE6
  2. Customized styles for tryout request and coach contact forms
  3. Issue discovered with captcha using some browsers, changed to Q&A
  4. Upgraded WordPress to version 2.3.1
  5. Upgraded Gallery to version 2.2.3

October 2007

  1. Updated Renegades logos on the top of the web page so they look cleaner
  2. Added plugin that automatically detects mobile web browsers and presents a mobile version of the website.
  3. Added Renegades logo on the top of the monthly calendar view.

September 2007

  1. Updating Rosters and change to be on one page with links
  2. Created Contact Coach form
  3. Changed statistics to be on one page with links
  4. Changed standings to be on one page with links

July 2007

  1. Added baseball style counter to bottom of website
  2. Created Tryout Request form
  3. Created Renegades Theme song page with flash mp3 player

June 2007

  1. Implement URL rewrite and permalinks to make URLs understandable
  2. Fixed issue with baseballs not appearing on some pages
  3. Upgrade WebCalendar to version 1.0.5
  4. Upgrade Gallery to version 2.2.1
  5. Added coach Mark’s name to top logo
  6. Installed Comment spam filter
  7. Started Accomplishments Page
  8. Enabled URL rewrite and permalinks on the photo gallery
  9. Added more sponsors

April 2007

  1. Added song list page
  2. Installed vPIP to play video in place
  3. Added more sponsors

Previously Complete:

  1.  Moved website to A great inexpensive web hosting company that has good tools that I need to make a better website.
  2.  Changed layout to new layout. The biggest changes here are the logo and now the sponsors and video show up properly even if the users web browser is different sizes.
  3. Added sponsor column for 2006-2007 baseball season. It now has a randomizer that will show different sponsors each time someone views our home page.
  4. Added randomizer to logo in the header. It will now alternate between blue and red logos when someone views the homepage.
  5. Update USSSA links for each of the teams.
  6. Create new briefcase to securely save files.
  7. Add the sponsors link to the random sponsor logo. – created list of links instead.
  8. Improve left hand column list. Either do a color hover change or a put little baseballs and/or bats when the mouse hovers over the list to show user where they are. – decided to leave left hand column and change right hand column for profiles.
  9. Create own photo gallery instead of using flickr – completed
  10. Create player profiles for each player with picture. (in progress) – completed
  11. Stats tracking – complete for 9U, battings stats added for 8U
  12. Added Renegade 3 logo to randomizer at the top of the website.
Things Remembered
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